Days 1-52: Poetry Bus Retrofit

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Day 52: Seattle


More Photos

From The Stranger

From The Seattle Times


Home after the dream or is home itself the dream?

The bus back where we loaded it up with books, typewriters and snacks two months ago and me in the bed I left all hallowed out.

Bill, a hand shake and a mountanous hug, a pat on the arm from Linas, and my own guilty dread for leaving everyone to find their own ways home.

As much as we all want and need to stop, it is devastating to know once we step into this city, the Poetry Bus stops forever.

There is no getting back on, no meeting up later.

When I wake up tomorrow morning in this bed the tour will have ended.

Sometime in the night, its fading into memory will have begun.

Thank you, North America, for your kindness and hospitality.

We are grateful and humbled.

See you again sometime soon, I hope.


Day 51: Portland


More from Oregon!

From the Oregonian

From Studio 360


Five facts from Portland, OR:

1) In Portland, Oregon the Poetry Bus parked in front of Mississippi Studios, a wonderful sanctuary with the most amazing sound of anywhere we’ve been.


2) The wonderful Mississippi Studios had to turn people away from the door because more people than Mississippi Studios could handle had come to hear the Poetry Bus.


3) The Vis a Vis Society did a survey and found that the fox and the bear are the new Poet Animal Laureates of Portland.


4) Philip Jenks has a huge tattoo of Emily Dickinson on his back.


5) We left Portland in the morning to do some shooting of the bus in motion for Linas, and we ended up back in Portland that night to eat chicken-fried steak and broccoli souffle.